Monday, April 2, 2012

Yet Another Memo From The Gods...

In case you missed my first one...

To: Chad Love

From: The Gods

Subject: Your alleged originality re: this blog post  and continued cosmic screwing.

Date: The Day After April Fool's Day

Dear Mr Love,

It has come to our attention that you recently indicated in your blog post of 3-12-12 that you had finally, perhaps, after years of fruitless trying, expressed a quasi-original idea that would serve to release you from the contractual obligation you agreed to as a condition of birth.

We regret to inform you that, in point of fact, your quasi-original idea, wasn't. At least not for you...

From Field & Stream's Flytalk blog...

There are a number of good fly fishing books scheduled for release this spring, but my favorite of the bunch really isn't a book at all. Well, at least not in the printed, traditional sense.
"Pulp Fly" is an e-book featuring stories from a collection of bloggers. The title plays off the "pulp fiction" publishing revolution of the early 20th Century, where cheap printing materials opened mass market opportunities, and boosted the careers of writers now considered literary greats, like Jack London and Zane Grey.
I was honored to write the foreword for Pulp Fly, because I think the stories are gritty, honest, and interesting. You probably know many of the contributors, like Bob White, who is known as one of the best fly fishing artists today (; White produced the cover art for this book and also contributed a wonderful essay. Bruce Smithhammer of and The Drake fame offers a really solid piece that connects hunting with fishing.

"...What makes this book special is that all the contributors are good writers who have contributed to "mainstream" publications, but the blog format and this e-book allows them to dabble in the realm of "tell us what you really think." And I think delving into the "people aspect" of fly fishing (a place where some traditional print publishers are less able and willing to go these days) is liberating, not only for the writer, but also for the reader.   

In light of this, Mr. Love, and pursuant to the stipulations of said original contract, the gods have decided that your cosmic screwing will continue. Terribly sorry, Pacta sunt servanda, you know. Crying won't help, either. It's not like one of your handful of readers didn't try to warn you beforehand with a helpful link to the publication, you pathetic loser.

...Well, shit. So much for my original ideas. I think the last thing the world needs (no offense) is another literary flyfishing venue, but I have to hand it to the creators of Pulp Fly; its format is exactly what I was envisioning.

Will I buy it? Probably. I don't really know any of the other writers because (again, no offense) I'm not really into most flyfishing writing or blogs, but Smithhammer's a fellow bird hunter and a damn good writer, and I'm a big fan of Bob White's artwork, so yeah, it'd probably be worth the five buck investment for that alone, especially when compared to what five bucks gets you on the newsstand nowadays.


  1. okay...

    #1 - I bought it and it's worth the $4.95
    #2 - It's entirely fly fishing and it's entirely fiction, as advertised
    1+2 = #3 - There's no one doing this for bird hunting. I'd pay $4.95, maybe even $4.99 for a comparable version filled with dogs, shotguns and flapping wings. And you don't have to limit it to fiction.

    Don't drop this idea yet.

  2. Rest assured, Chad, we've got our sights set on roping you in for future endeavors. And all I can say at this point is that fishing will only be one part of the menu...

  3. I had missed the first one.

    Damn funny, the both of them.

    The existence of Pulp Fly does not preclude another ezine along the same lines. I used to be mad on Classic Cars and of the many magazines on offer, I religiously bought two every month. The fact the the same old cars appeared routinely in each was of no consequence as I appreciated the subtle differences in layout and writing style.

  4. Mark, still kickin' it around...

    Smithhammer, I think MOF would be an awesome e-book. Just sayin'...

    Hippo, I get many memos from the gods, most of them reminding me of my place in this world...