Friday, April 6, 2012

Inescapable Blogging Truism #1*

"No matter what you write about, how you write it, or how obviously tongue-in-cheek you think it reads, there's always going to be A. at least one (and generally more) insufferably pedantic weenie out there to tell you how wrong you are, and why, or B. at least one (and almost always more) cluelessly outraged fucktard who is genetically incapable of grasping the nuances of humor, or C. some horrible combination of both A and B."

*Truism is not directed at any weenie and/or fucktard in particular, and absolutely no weenies and/or fucktards who read the MOD, but merely a pattern I've noticed on virtually all blogs...


  1. True, oh so very true.

    Irony is something that usually gets them going.

  2. I've long felt that the SBW blog is not nearly contentious enough - clearly I've been remiss.

    I've noticed that the rabbits that have been returned to the pet shop are sold at a 75% discount I might have to 'harvest' one ;-)


  3. I'd give an eye-tooth for enough readers to include either A or B.

  4. Um, at the risk of telling you how wrong you are, I think you meant "you're wrong."

  5. Actually, I meant to use the possessive "your" in place of the contraction of "you are." You know, as a subtle humor thing. I thought people would get it.

    But who knows, maybe you pointed it out as subtle humor thing...

  6. Chad, when I lived in Norman I often found corrections written into the books in the public library. The FICTION books!