Monday, April 23, 2012

Ozzy Update and Big Basket 'O Perch

I just realized I never announced what we'd named the new little Love bugger. The family, after much debate, decided on "Ozzy." Not that the name Ozzy has any special meaning or significance, we just all agreed that he sort of looked like an Ozzy. So he became Ozzy. Such is life when you're a pup or a newborn child.

Ozzy's doing just fine. He's a very laid-back little dude in the house (aside from a little cat-chasing), but quite active and bold when running around outside. I liked his disposition from the beginning, and I'm liking it more and more as I get to know him better. I'm hoping that fondness will transfer smoothly to how he works out in the field. Hard to tell about such things at 12 weeks of age, but I think it will. So far we've gone on walks around the neighborhood and into the woods at the back of the property. I'll probably start introducing him to a few birds in the next couple weeks.

I haven't been out turkey hunting yet, to my everlasting shame. Just too much stuff getting in the way. Perhaps this weekend, but I have managed to sneak out for a couple quick trips to local waters for some fishing, and I have to say, flyrodding for panfish is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do. I grew up a hard-core, metal-chunking, baitcaster-throwing bass fanatic, and I probably always will be, but there's a lot to be said for a warm spring day, a three-weight and a pond full of willing, feisty and delicious sunfish.

It's not technically demanding in terms of equipment or skill, it's great practice for those of us who are not particularly talented flycasters, it can be an absolutely deadly way to sack up a bunch of perch fillets, and it's a helluva lot of fun.

I may (or to be more truthful, probably) never get the chance to cast a fly to a bonefish, a permit, a tarpon, or any other flyfishing glamour species, because that takes a minimum level of real skill, of which I have none, and also because I will probably never be able to afford the opportunity.

But you take your Zen where and when you can find it, and this 'aint bad, you know?


  1. Well, you can spend several mortgage payments, schlep across a few time zones, drink beer because the water is questionable (ok, maybe that's not exactly a negative), scorch your ass in the sun all day while staring at the water until everything looks like a shadow and in the end the fish just aren't there.


    You can pack a cooler of beer because you've had plenty of water already today, load your kids, your dog or a couple of buddies in the truck, have your first fish in the boat twenty minutes after you left the house, never cast more than 3 times without pulling one in, go back to the house and drink the rest of the beer while you fry more tasty nuggets than all of you and the dog can eat, and then fall asleep on your own couch.

    I'm no Zen master but you'd have to be pretty mad at it to choose the former over the latter. For sure-fire, no regrets, guilt-free fun, panfishing with a fly rod is damn tough to beat.

  2. Love the Oz boy's thoughtful (I'm also a birdy badass) look. Setters rule. P.S. I reduced your statewide turkey numbers by two longbeards earlier this month, so it would seem I owe you four grouse if you ever get around New England. Just sayin'.

  3. Wow, Ozzy looks great! I'm a lot happier reading your blogs now that I have my own puppy.

    As for fishing, few things in life are as satisfying and just plain fun as bluegill or crappie. And, dang! You are catching them on a Sage reel!

  4. Chad, Don't letcash or the lack get you down. Living well is the best revenge. That 3wt.,some small slider poppers, and wooly buggers and different leaders will take a variety od species most trout/ glamor guys never let themselfs experience. Have fun and eat well.

  5. My fishing buddy has a fishing philosophy that is antagonistic towards "destination fishing". Even though he is not affluent, it's more than just "sour grapes". He makes fishing a part of his weekly life and focuses on home waters because that's where he lives. I used to feel that I wasn't fishing unless it involved a minimum of 5 hours travel. My buddy has shown me the way and home waters are special. The same applies to home woods. Why leave turkeys to find turkeys? One of my favorite flies in the willow roots when bream are bedding is a black wooly bugger tied on a small "cricket" hook which can be easily straightened with a steady pull out of the roots if it sticks. This beats breaking it off or having to go into the bedding area to retrieve it. Great looking pooch, btw.

  6. Sorry for the delay in responding, guys. Been a busy week.

    Absolutely, Mark. However, I would like to scorch my ass in a different timezone, just once...

    Steve, I saw your FB post. Congrats. Ton of birds around this year. Do I have one yet? Hell no.

    Josh, I stole that Sage from my brother and I adore it. Don't think they make that model any more, but it's a feather-light click-pawl reel, perfect for that rod.

    David, sage advice. I will eat as many of those things as I can catch.

    Gill, I'm not antagonistic toward destination fishing (in case I ever get to go...) but I can certainly see the appeal of intimate knowledge of place. I like the idea of knowing a place on those terms.