Thursday, April 12, 2012

Because Everything Else Is Just Ice...

Why yes, in point of fact I do only chill my bourbon with hailstones formed at 65,000 feet deep within the swirling updraft of a tornadic, violently raging southern plains thunderstorm.

Doesn't everyone of appropriately good taste and sophistication?

In fact, I think that's my new career. I'm going to buy a refrigerated truck and follow the plains storm season from south to north collecting hail, which I will then clean, package and sell to the One Percent as an exclusive, high-end premium drink ice.

Beats the hell outta writing for a living. Literally and figuratively...

*And in case you're wondering, hailstone-chilled bourbon isn't bad. Not bad at all. I might be on to something here...


  1. I'd like a hailstone Manhattan, please.

  2. and of course the ozone up there will have naturally sterilised the product. I reckon you are onto a winner there...

  3. As a new career venture....?
    You've got the balls for it

  4. You could sell it for 5 bucks a hail stone and get rich. Then again with all the money that you are making with F&S it would probably be a pay cut. :)