Monday, September 22, 2014

Time Will Have His Fancy...

From a few years back. Never got a chance to get Tess out for the early teal season this year, so old pics will have to suffice for another month until the regular season opens. I always liked this picture. It was damn cold that day, and she was having great fun breaking through the skim ice. She wasn't especially young in that picture, seven, maybe, or eight, but still spry.  These days her foul (fowl?) weather, ice-breaking hunts are mostly behind her, but we'll get out often enough to suit her advanced age, when the wind's not howling and the snow's not blowing and the mercury's not too low and the morning is gentle for an old dog, the kind of morning where she can hear the fall of the bird to help mark it by sound now that her eyes are going.

Old W.H. Auden was right; Time will indeed have his fancy, but he won't have it quite yet. Not this season, at least.

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