Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rule of Thumb #1

I'm introducing a couple new very occasional features to the blog. One is called "Cool Roads" and it's pretty self-evident what that's all about. I like lonely, seldom-travelled roads through lonely, seldom-visited country and I found a good one driving back from Colorado a few days ago. I'll post a few pics from it presently.

The other new occasional feature is one I call "Rule of Thumb" in which I give  my own personal little guidelines to life. Nothing profound, nothing rigidly doctrinaire, just little aphorisms (some original, some not) I try to follow.

So without further ado, here's Chad's Rule of Thumb #1

I don't generally trust a man who won't let a dog lick him in the face. However, if the dog has recently been observed to be licking his balls (or, if it's a female, her Lady Business) it is acceptable to wait five minutes or so.

 My first corollary to that rule of thumb is I don't generally trust any parent who freaks out when they see their child and a dog drinking from the same garden hose...