Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick question for the technically competent

Ever since switching over to the new template I've been unable to get Sitemeter to work. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on a good (i.e. free) traffic counter/tracker? Or maybe a suggestion on how to get Sitemeter working again?


  1. I looked at your site's page source [right click on page, select 'view page source' from pop-up menu] and couldn't find the Sitemeter code -- maybe you need to reinstall it...?

  2. try this:

    Go to your Blogger dashboard and click the "Design" link.

    When you see your template, click "Add a Gadget." You will see that in several places -- pick the one in the area of the page where you want the code to be -- I use the boxes down the righthand side.

    Select "HTML/JavaScript."

    You will get a box into which you can paste the Sitemeter code.

    Then save it (no title needed), and drag it to where you want.

    Save blog.

  3. I'm now using blogger draft which has Stats built in.

  4. Chas, tried your suggestion and it worked like a charm. Thanks.