Friday, August 6, 2010

I feel much more secure now...

The above picture was taken by Salon columnist Patrick Smith, a working airline pilot who writes that site's excellent Air Travel column. The rest of the column can be found here.

Having just flown back from Montana a few days ago, and in doing so having been subjected to one of the new full-body scans and subsequent, uh, rather intimate pat-downs by a TSA employee, the picture resonates with me. Or maybe it was the four-ounce jar of suspicious-looking huckleberry jam that a stern-faced (actually, hatchet-faced) TSA employee confiscated from my wife the last time we flew back from Montana that made me identify with the picture. I dunno.

All I know is thank god the TSA is looking out for our safety. Those snowglobes are freakin' dangerous...


  1. I'm just glad they didn't find one on you during the pat-down...

  2. If the pat-downs were done by hotties - just think how early people would turn up early for the flights, no one would complain, the whole process would be er um painless.


  3. Well, that'll show those bad ol' terrorists! I mean, heck, who would come all the way over here to blow stuff up and advance their ideological agenda if they can't bring home some nice souveniers for their kids?

  4. They confiscated your huckleberry jam?

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