Friday, July 16, 2010


I'll be messing around with the look of the blog for the next few days so don't be alarmed by the never-ending procession of clashing color schemes and format. Eventually I'll settle on something that will end up at best a marginal improvement over the previous incarnation and at worst a helluva lot uglier...


  1. It's ok by me, Chad. A sure sign of intelligence is someone who is never content with the status quo.

  2. I settled on a color scheme that won't make people vomit. I'm scared to change. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, Mark. You should remind my wife of that. When she saw the blog she said "you do know those colors on your blog clash horribly, right?"

    To which I replied "Yes, dear, I'm just experimenting." Which is code for "I'm colorblind and I have no sense of how these colors look together. Please help..."

    Ian, I'm quite obviously still in the "makes the reader vomit" stage. Once I get out of the that, as well as the "gives reader excruciating eyestrain" stage I should be OK...

  4. Chad

    It can't get any worse than my current experiments can it?

  5. Thanks for lightening the background - now your blog is much more readable.

  6. If you could tell what colors clashed I doubt you'd be writing an outdoor blog.