Thursday, July 1, 2010

How I train my dog to chase down cripples.

Well, not really. I'm just playing around with my wife's flipcam and trying to get this Youface thing down. I'm planning on getting a little waterproof HD camcorder of my own and maybe adding a video training log for the dogs, as well as maybe filming a few hunts, fishing trips and whatever weirdness I happen to find.

I've never played around with either video or Youtube, so bear with me. I may post some truly boring, inane video clips, but I need the practice.

That's my grumpy old female Tessie the Chessie in the video. She dislikes machines, strangers and annoying puppies who view her as a giant, moving chewtoy.


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  2. Wow, Howto, what a spectacular spam! It really shows how much you care about this blog.

    Chad: Hilarious! You know they make little radio-controlled mallards - that could be great fun with the dogs.

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