Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Size Doesn't Matter...

But taste does. My first fish of 2012 isn't exactly a giant, but give me a dozen more like him and I'll be happy.

My bumbling, stumbling, hilarious (for those watching), wildly incompetent and hopelessly curse-filled flyfishing year has begun. I'm ready for my tarpon now. Or at least a few more fish than I caught on the fly last year, when I had many moments of weakness and frustration, moments which caused me to skulk back to the baitcaster like some piscatorial reprobate.  

Caught on my beloved, wonderful (and inexpensive) little St. Croix 6-foot three weight, bought on a recommendation from Tim Romano, and the little Sage I traded my brother out of a while back.

Spring's almost here, and although the dogs and I are sorely missing hunting, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to breaking out the rods, the turkey gun and the okra seed. 


  1. I'll trade you some casting lessons. I've never had much trouble with a fly rod but damn if I could ever throw a baitcaster without backlashing the fool out of it.

  2. Nice! Also, great choice with the St. Croix; I have a five weight for the big California streams.