Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mallard's On Spring Break...

But not here.

I remain - as I have my entire life -  stuck in Oklahoma, where it has been rainy, cold and miserable the entire week.

But I'm not complaining. We need the rain, and besides, it could be worse. The year my wife and I actually did go to Key West on spring break, the week of our return we got socked with one of the heaviest snowfall events in Oklahoma history. On Friday I was fishing (in vain) on a gorgeous, isolated beach, strolling and casting among the coconuts. On Tuesday I was trying to clear 26 inches of snow from my driveway.

That's when I first started questioning my long-held dream of moving permanently to Montana, and began seriously contemplating the possibility of retiring to a nice, cozy concrete bench under a Florida Keys bridge.

At any rate, apologies for the recent temporary slowdown in blogs and commentary. I'll return to a more normal schedule in a few days.

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  1. Holdin' your own on the OL sister pub though, I see. Gotta fill the void, brutha. Money for writin' and the hospitality suite chips for free. Later!