Friday, March 9, 2012

Mallard's Infinite Playlist: The Breeders, Drivin' On 9

In honor of (and in clear copyright violation of, so please don't sue me, man...) Steve Hickoff, who in addition to being a fellow setter lover and turkey and waterfowl hunting maven who writes for all the major hook-and-bullet mags (including a damn good blog on F&S's sister pub Outdoor Life), is also an alt-rock songwriter who pens songs for and hangs out with former Pixies.

How cool is that? Who says all us redneck bubbas are boring and predictable?

I tried to find some decent bootleg Breeders concert footage of Steve's song, but unfortunately most of it sucked, so I had to settle for this admittedly clever driving scene mash-up.

Now that I know Steve is tight with Kim Deal, the next press hunt we find ourselves on together I will be expecting the full, unexpurgated story...


  1. This post really got me thinking, and I posted on my blog the results. I started to post it here, but it's off-tangent. If you'd like to read it, you are welcome (I've posted it at my Agrarianista blog, not Lands on the Margin).

    And, thanks for filling this niche. And thank you, too, Steve, for the great music for folks in that little niche. There are more of us than we think.