Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What a dog bite looks like...

I've lived with and owned dogs all my life, and while I've been nipped at, growled at, and accidentally bitten a few times while breaking up dog fights, I've never been flat-out attacked by a dog. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about my oldest son, who was chased down and attacked by a neighborhood dog a few days ago. The two puncture wounds are deep and nasty. So deep and nasty, in fact, that our doctor put him such a high antibiotic dose that when I tried to get his prescription filled, my pharmacist looked at it, looked again, and said "He wants him to take both of these at the same time? I'm going to call and make sure."

He's doing OK, but the leg is obviously sore, and we've got to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected. Scary stuff. The dog's owners are neighbors, our sons play together, and they were naturally horrified and deeply apologetic. I don't think the dog will be running free any more.


  1. What kind of dog are we talking about? and how many bites it is legally allowed before it has to be sent to happier pastures? I know I'm sounding harsh but hey...

  2. I have drilled it into my nephew not to run away from dogs or any animal for that matter.

  3. Hopefully a dumb question as you've probably already confirmed it, but...shots?

  4. Australian shepherd. Apparently a mean one.

    Exploriment, yes, the dog broke off the attack once my son fought back. We have since had that talk. It's on me for not having it sooner...

    Phil, yes, thankfully the dog's shots are up-to-date.

  5. How did your son respond around your own dogs after this incident? Poor thing. Even if we say he grew up with them, there would still be differences with how he reacts to dogs in general. Hope he's fully recovered now. Laura@Christensen Young & Associates

  6. Aww. Your son’s situation seems vicious. Well, we simply are surprised by such incidents. When you were caught off-guard by the moment, you can’t simply escape. After what happened, I guess your neighbor learned their lesson. They have to strengthen their safekeeping to ensure that no one will get hurt by their dog.

    Cheryl Bush @ CWCLawFirm

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