Friday, January 6, 2012

The Truest Expression of Young Love. Ever.

Found on the title page of an old paperback copy of the children's classic "My Side Of The Mountain" I recently bought for my son to read.

Isn't that great? Talk about unintentional poignancy in capturing the fervent angst of newly-sprouted love. The Bard himself couldn't have done it any better. And in terms of arc of story, I think this beats hell out of Hemingway's famous (and most likely apocryphal) "Baby Shoes" story, while coming in a word shorter.

Well done, Daniel. Trust me, I (and the rest of the world) have been there. We can commiserate. And wherever and whoever you are, I hope you and Raelyn eventually worked it out, because as you've no doubt discovered by now (some 23 years later, assuming the book was bought new), it doesn't get any easier or less confusing. Or more wonderful.


  1. No opinion about Raelyn.

    But I love that book.

    I'm going to go and find a copy for 8 year old nephew.

  2. That's it right there, a snap-shot of the human condition, its also the perfectly formed blog post