Sunday, January 22, 2012

SHOT 2012: The Mayan Connection...

Apologies for the long delay in any sort of blog activity. For reasons that are still beyond my grasp, the editors at the F&S website decided that this would be the year I would finally be allowed to wander the halls - unsupervised, even -  at the SHOT show. So that's where I've been for the past week.

Considering my misanthropic personality, my near-clinical aversion to large groups of people, my uppity (and mostly hypocritical) disdain for consumerist lust, my past unkind remarks about the whole thing, and my long-held belief that if Las Vegas represents the American Dream, then it's a version of the American Dream that's been left in the fridge way too long, I was, admittedly, a bit trepidatious.

But you know what? Overall, I had a helluva good time. I got to re-connect with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, I got to finally put faces and voices to the e-mails of a number of the good folks I work with at the F&S website, and I finally got to see what the hoopla was all about.

OK, I admit, while I was there I did bitch and moan about it pretty much constantly. But that's just, as they say, how I roll. Truth is, it was kinda cool wandering the show floor checking out both the products and the wildly diverse group of people attending the show.

I never thought I'd admit this, but I actually enjoyed myself. And given the chance, I might even agree to go back next year if the opportunity came up.

Which it won't, of course, because we're all going to die in the coming Mayan inferno. How do I know this to be true? Because I attended this year and found that I enjoyed it and might want to go back next year. Yep, my bad luck and bad timing will precipitate the end of the world.

Sorry, folks, and remember, you heard it here first...  


  1. The Mayan calendar could be thought of as referring not to the end of the world but to the end of an era.

    In shock news the bloggerspheres favourite miserableist admits to enjoying himself and being sociable [WTF!] while visiting the temple of consumerism.

    What's next - Chad hunts the highlands surrounding his estate in tweed? Chad becomes the poster boy for the Beretta Trident Program? Chad's caviar consumption leads to gout?

    Yep it's the end of an era

  2. Hate that I missed meeting you there, Chad. Spent too much time in my hotel or in the press room working on my damned day job, but I guess that's what they pay me for. At least they let me go to the show (even if they didn't let me see it).

  3. SBW, I'm saving the tweed for my trip over there...

    Phillip, this was my first time and being a newbie, when I wasn't working the floor I pretty much either stayed holed up in the F&S press room or on the casino floor pursuing hookers and blow.

    OK, that's a lie. I lost two whole bucks on the slot machines, then said to hell with it...