Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Tis The Season For Giving...

I want it...

Findmeagift.com are the first in the UK to stock this ridiculously hilarious RC toy! Our fantastic radio controlled helicopter is like no other! Don't expect there to be any room for passengers on this voyage sonny-jim. The Remote Controlled Flying F*ck says it all!

Imagine a normal day in the office and some idiot next to you is blabbering on about something pointless. Instead of turning round and telling them that you don't give a flying f*ck, show them instead!

This remote controlled toy is literally the word 'F*CK' with a helicopter propeller. Fly it around the office or house without a care and let everyone know what you really think of their dull and pointless conversation.

Blatant, crude and oh-so funny, the RC Flying F*ck helicopter is a fantastic way to show your true feelings without having to say a word. Whether you love radio controlled toys, or you just need a way to tell your boss that you don't give a rats ass about his golfing stories, the Remote Controlled Flying F*ck says it all!

Shamelessly stolen from Patrick Burns' Facebook page, or wall, or whatever the hell you call it...


  1. I will now officially add this to my Christmas list... knocking world peace down yet another notch.

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