Monday, December 19, 2011

And a Spoonie Shall Save Them...

Pardon the absence. Last week I was in Stuttgart, Arkansas, duck hunting (and rice) capitol of the world, where I shot shoveler.

How did I manage to not shoot a single mallard of the non-smiling variety (or any other ducks) in Stuttgart-freakin'-Arkansas? Simple, there weren't any there, and what ducks there were, were scattered all over the area, thanks to a ton of standing water in the fields combined the White River being out of its banks.

Had an absolute blast, anyway. Despite all the mallards for which Stuttgart is justly famous still being somewhere else, I shot my first limit of specks, got to meet a bunch of cool, like-minded folks, developed a much-deeper appreciation for the DU mission and got a glimpse into a part of the larger waterfowling world and culture that's quite a bit different from my own, but still the same.

More to come over on the Field & Stream website...  


  1. Sorry to hear about the bum luck... we experienced the same thing about 6o miles to the north. Water, water everywhere. Like you though, we still had a blast.

  2. Hell, if it's really the rice capital (and I think the Sacramento Valley might give Stuttgart a run for its money), that spoonie will taste just fine. He's just a bit smaller than the non-smiling mallard. OK, a LOT smaller.

  3. Sorry for the tough hunt Chad, our dck hunting turns tough when the White and Cache flood. good deal for th educks though, the pressure here during a dry year can be unbeleivable.

  4. WOW. Not seeing ducks here in CT doesn't seem so bad if you are not seeing them in Stuttgart.