Monday, November 22, 2010

Desperation is the Mother of Invention, Stupidity its Father.

What do two old rusty aluminum play arrows left by your son in the back of the truck, a rubber band and a bit of decoy cord scrounged from the floorboard have in common?

They can all come together to save your dumb ass when you realize you left the shooting sticks sitting on the workbench back at the house and the other side of that draw is way past offhand range. Your offhand range, anyway. ***

*** The author would like you to know that no deer were harmed in the creation of this blog post.


  1. I guess I should clarify that it was the field points that were rusted and frozen on to the shafts.

    Just in case some metallurgist decided to take me to task for implying that aluminium rusts...

  2. Before I caught the explanation, my inclination was, hmmm... two shafts and yellow ribbed condom, now that's one for the gear checklist.

  3. Silk lines, yea... especially after his recent encounter at the bookstore.

    As for the invention, that's my invention, too, but not from stupidity. It's my refusal to pay $20 for two sticks and a piece of string.

    I think somebody should do an over-the-top commercial for two sticks and a piece of string, complete with kill shots, death-metal music, etc.

    Chad, nice boots.

  4. Josh, I (alas!) don't get any free boot swag as part of my writing duties so I gotta scrounge deals like everyone else.

    I love Danners but the USA-made boots are simply outta my price range, but I stumbled across these brand-new Danner Acadias from (believe it or not) the Goodwill auction site, for sixty bucks.

    Not my first choice in color, but from what I can tell they're basically the same boot as the Danner grouse boots or the Cabela's branded Danners.

    Incidentally, that Goodwill auction site is a great place to pick up vintage tackle and other outdoor-related stuff.