Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Duck Hunt #2: At least we got wet...

No smashed vehicles greet me Sunday morning. No ducks greet me, either. No wind. No clouds. No fronts. No rain.No water. No cold. No ducks.

 Lifeless, still, unconvincing decoy spread further hampered by overeager, unconvincing calling.  A few small flights of gadwall buzz the pond. One straggler, a bit lower than the others, stays behind. A smart but simple retrieve brought quickly to hand. Just one, but it beats hell out of sitting in the truck all morning. It's a start, and if you can't be happy with that then I'd say you've got issues...


  1. Chad, is this the place you were hauling off your duck blind from a few weeks ago? Did you get some rain or is this that spot way in the back that still had water?

  2. I'd be happy with that. Tess looks happy.

  3. Mark, it's the same lake, just farther up near the dam. The spot from a couple weeks ago is still high and dry, and will probably stay that way until spring unless we get some desperately needed fall rain.

    Unfortunately, the long-term forecast for this region is a drier and warmer than normal winter.

    I'm afraid this is going to be one of those "a duck here and a duck there" kind of seasons.

    And of course quail season starts the 13th, so we'll see how the weather affects that, too...