Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Or not, as it turns out.

What happens when you do zero pre-season scouting? What happens when you blithely assume your favorite slough will have water, despite the area being in the midst of a drought? What happens when your dog receives a complimentary full-body skunk mist on the walk in to the slough which may or may not hold water and therefore may or may not hold any teal? Why am I showing a photograph of London's Parliament building rather than a photograph of a limit of teal? Or even a couple teal? Or even a single teal?

Do I even need to answer any of these questions? I think the photograph sums it up quite nicely...


  1. Sorry, Chad, that sucks, on all counts. I put together a de-skunking kit last night, in hopes that my doing so would render it unnecessary. We'll see how that goes!

  2. Ach, skunks. Sorry, man.

    For a second, when I clicked on the blog, I thought I was at Suburban Bushwacker.

  3. Chad
    But think of it this way mate, you've (photographically) scouted an Eel fishing location for your visit! Not the best, but they have been caught there.


  4. Thanks for the condolences. It was my own stupid fault. I should put on clinics on how not to do things...

    SBW, we're hoping for a summer 2011 return. I'm bringing a travel rod and I'm expecting great things...