Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Me Wants: Phil Wilson Fillet Knife

 Ever since the Suburban Bushwacker first announced (somewhat shamelessly, I might add) that he had acquired (through nefarious means, I'm sure) his  sweet Spyderco Phil Wilson South Fork, I've had something of a man-crush on Phil Wilson's custom knives. He specializes in some of the most exotic and expensive super metals, and his knives are both functional art and breathtakingly expensive. The Spyderco South Fork, however, is a collaboration between the two, and it's a great-looking knife, especially for someone who, like me, has grown a bit tired of all the drearily-same, drop-point production hunting knives on the market. It's also somewhat affordable, at least in comparison to the same knife custom. For somewhere a bit north of $400 and over a year's wait, I could get a real South Fork made by Phil Wilson himself, or I could find a Spyderco version for around $200-240. A bargain, sort of. Either way it's a no-go for me right now, but what I'd really, really like to have, above all else, is one of Wilson's custom fillet knives, because they are gorgeous. The one above would work very nicely, indeed, please, for both fish and as a boning knife.

Wilson's fillet knives, which are what he's most known for, are just "Holy Cow" beautiful. And universally lauded as pretty much perfect tools. Makes my old, battered, cheap Marttini look, well...old, battered and cheap. I'll never be able to afford a genuine Wilson fillet knife, but if he ever decides to do another collaboration with Spyderco on a production fillet knife, I might have to sell an extra spleen or something to get one. I don't have any compelling reason or desire (or money) right now to get any more high-dollar hunting knives, but I do have a totally unreasonable desire to get one of these fillet knives. Thank god I don't have the money to actually do it, because I'm a sucker for blade porn. The next time I'm staring at a sink full of bluegill, guess what I'll be dreaming of?     


  1. The knife looks great, I think this is a fixed blade knife and looks pretty much compatible for the use in kitchen. I look forward if I can get this knife like any other buying knives online.

  2. wow tables are turned on this one, I've not even read any blogs in weeks it seems, and you're the one who's been posting.
    "The Phill Wil-derco' still appeals, I've been using it alongside a santoku in the kitchen. Where i wouldn't have said it works particularly well is on er fish. Fillet knives are flexible for a reason. I will at some point get a 'real' Phil Wilson to test side by side.

    In the meantime maybe you should chop all your blades in a buy a grinder, you can have as many knives as you want. I'd have one already if I had somewhere to keep it!

  3. Beat you to it, man. I bought one of the Cabela's commercial grinders late last year. Love it so far. Look for a review a little later this season, a very extensive review, like "It's expensive, but it grinds meat good."

  4. The fillet knife seems to be perfect for you modular kitchen. I use many kitchen knives like carving knife, boning knife, peeler and other essential kitchen tools without which you can't dream of working in your kitchen.