Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My First Taste of Hunishment and Some PF Goodness

                                                        Photo By Anthony Hauck

I totally ripped off this photograph from the Quail Forever Facebook page. It was taken during last month's Montana trip and depicts the moment I finally exacted my revenge on the LGB's (little gray bastards) that had up to that point frustrated Anthony and me to no end. Wild flush after wild flush after wild flush. No fault of the dogs, either, just tough conditions. I began to develop something of a grudge. And when I finally got the chance to take my first shot at a Hun, it ended up being a close walk-up single, just like a quail. You can read about it here, if you are so inclined (and I urge you to be so inclined...). Huns are neat birds, but a bit unpredictable, sort of a crazy Slavic cousin to our allegedly genteel bobs. I like them much.

                                                          Photo by Anthony Hauck

This second pic, also by Pheasants Forever's Anthony Hauck shows an absolutely beautiful chunk of Montana prairie that was purchased by PF, lovingly restored, and then enrolled in Montana's block management program for the perambulatory pleasure of upland hunters everywhere. Coffee Creek, it's called, and it's a gorgeous place that I hope to hunt again if I can sell enough plasma to make it back up to Montana next fall.

I'm proud to say that PF/QF is my favorite conservation group. They're doing inspired work on all fronts, from the sewage-and-rot-filled halls of Congress to pristine grassland temples like Coffee Creek, and they're doing it on not a lot of money or resources. If you're not a member, then damn it, you need to be. They're not just about the pheasants, at all.

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