Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And Miles To Go Before I...Blog?

 It seems I've gone a few more miles off the publishing schedule than I had originally anticipated. Blame those damn lovely, dark and deep woods of the mind. That happens sometimes at the nexus of creativity (or lack thereof), motivation (or lack thereof), laziness (no lack thereof), despair (a bit of), and yes, discontent (again, no lack thereof).

 For whatever reason(s), I just have not been able to muster the interest to write for pleasure or whimsy these past few months. It's a cyclical thing that I suspect afflicts many writers who must juggle (and differentiate between) work writing and pleasure writing. Sometimes the former affects the latter to the latter's (and ultimately the former's) detriment. If that makes sense.

As a friend of mine recently put it, "For the past six months or so it feels like I've been at about 80 percent." When you're already working on the margins, creatively speaking, that missing 20 percent makes a difference. What's to blame? Who knows, so I'll blame sunspot activity and too much aspartame. From now on it's nothing but sunscreen and Throwback Pepsi for this kid.

Hopefully I'll start finding a muse, and if that bitch doesn't show maybe I can find some inspiration and creative solace in the fact that summer's gone, fall's here and I've already had some great hunts both close to home and far, far from it. And if I can't find something to mine from that, I might as well go work in public relations...(I kid, I kid, all my PR/marketing friends...)


  1. I have found this to be a problem since I started writing locally for a little bit of money. The need to fill space to get paid saps a lot of creativity at times from the stuff I did for pleasure. Best of luck finding that muse.

  2. Nice to see you back Chad. If it helps there are people out there that enjoy your writing for pleasure.

  3. But Chad, surely its the high, high standard of the comments that keeps you coming back?

  4. I get tired of hearing you writers bitch about your 'job'. You might be poor, stupid, and ugly, but that's better than having to get up and work in the aluminum plant. Or sitting behind a desk in a room all day. Be a big boy, and get over yourself.

  5. We have all been there.

    Sure, you choose writing. You choose other roads too. Imagine getting up and inventing your work every morning. And have someone choose to pay you for work done. Or not. And if they do, not know how much in advance. Or when the check will come. And maybe-- see Harry Middleton-- have to work the garbage truck any way, and die on it.

    I hope fall is better. One good thing for writers on the outdoor beat-- it often is.

  6. PS re "sitting behind a desk in a room all day": how the HELL do you think things get written??

  7. All valid criticism, Anon. I am extremely poor, relatively stupid and stupendously ugly. And you're right: I don't have a job even remotely comparable in its daily bullshit quotient to an aluminum plant worker or, say, a public school teacher, which is what my wife is (Now that's a tough, thankless job these days...).

    But I've got to quibble with you on one point: In point of fact I do sit behind a desk in a room all day. Every day. Alone. Which, even for a misanthropic asshole like myself, can get tough. Especially when you're trying to, as Steve so aptly puts it "invent your own work" to try and sell. Believe it or not, most guys with "normal" jobs get to hunt, fish and get outside quite a bit more than I do.

    Seriously, you should see me. I'm pasty, pale and sallow. My wife says I suffer from SAD, which for a dude who allegedly lives the rockin' outdoors lifestyle, is pretty sad...

  8. Best wishes Chad, hope you so see some sun

  9. Chad,
    I don't think it only affects writers juggling work writing and pleasure writing. Tough runs of work have certainly kept me from posting anything much or even feeling like I wanted to. I hope the rest of your fall is productive in the field and in the office. I'd say come over for desert quail, but I don't think there are going to be any to speak of this year.