Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sudden Impact

So what do you get when a Cooper's hawk-startled Eurasian collared dove slams into the living room window at full speed?

The Shroud of Turin, avian version...

And you'll be happy to know that no dove was harmed in the making of this Art, primarily because my model managed to pick himself up and fly away before I got a chance to grab the pellet gun and finish the invasive little bastard off...

On an unrelated note, it's been a long time since I've monkeyed with the blog's format, themes, etc. I'm not planning on anything major, but one thing I'd like to update is the blog roll. I know that some blogs have switched hosts, others have gone defunct, still others I've discovered and just haven't placed on the blog roll, etc.

So...if I'm missing your blog on my blogroll please tell me and I'll add it. There are some good blogs out there I need to start reading more often...


  1. Cooper is a bad dude, he now kills with plate glass.

  2. I guess it'd help if the genius who wrote the blog could spell "Eurasian" correctly. Who needs an editor, right? Fixed...

  3. One dawn a Cooper's carrying a half-eaten pigeon crashed through a window of my house. Speculation was that she was being chased by a redtail which would have made a meal of both pigeon and Cooper's had she not retreated into my "cave". The hawk was a little wobbley, but recovered when I scooped her up with a crab net and placed her on a limb outside. It was worth the price of replacing the window to see that spectacle.


    Nothing special and understandable if it doesn't show on the blog roll

  5. Love the picture and Turin reference (very funny)...I have a blog at Let me know what you think...Phil