Wednesday, February 15, 2012

N Is For Chad Who Died of Ennui*

Events and responsibilities have transpired against me, so I won't be hunting the last day of the Oklahoma quail season. Which is today.

And since I won't be hunting today, thus begins the thirty (more or less) most boring days in the Gregorian calendar; that cold, dead, lifeless, joyless, huntless, fishless period between the end of quail season and the beginning of fishing.

Maybe I should take up predator hunting, but the last thing I need is another expensive hobby. Maybe I should hunt the conservation order light goose season, but we have no snows around here, and even if we did, the last thing I need is another expensive hobby.

This would be the perfect time to have a short-term existential mid-life crisis, preferably one involving warm climes and fish, but I can't even afford a stay-crisis (you know, like a stay-cation...) much less a full-blown one.

So I'll just sit here, little head poking above the windowsill, waiting, waiting, for spring, trapped on a poverty-induced Mobius strip of boredom.

*with apologies to Edward Gorey and the other 25 banally-deceased Gashlycrumb Tinies


  1. Nice post...

    Hey, you could take up fly tying. You want an expensive hobby, right? Actually, the dirty little secret (especially if you have furry and/or feathery pets, and cartpet) is that tying flies can be pretty cheap to start, especially if you are a bass fisherman. Those buckets will eat anything, and the gaudier the better.

  2. Amen...In between the crazies...I hate this time of year. Glad I'm not alone!

  3. Same here. Events conspired to keep me out of the woods the last day of squirrel season. Could do some 'coon hunting, but events are conspiring there as well. I ought to take this opportunity to get a bunch of writing done, but sloth and melancholy are seductive diversions.

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  5. 1) Hmmm.... Gorey- phile. Separated at birth?

    2) Falconry, or coursing pup (evil snicker).

  6. Fishing time will be here soon. Hog hunting has always helped me through the doldrums, but I guess you don't have much opportunity for that up there either, huh?

    By the way, any chance I could get you to update your blog roll and recent feeds with my new URL? I really don't want to send any more business to Outside Hub than I absolutely have to.