Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So What's Worse...

Getting no rain at all and the possibility of wildfires? Or getting rain, but with a little extra mustard...

Weather Synopsis...The forecast for later today calls for a potentially significant severe weather outbreak with very large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. At this time, it appears that central and eastern Oklahoma will be under the greatest risk of severe weather this afternoon and evening, east of an advancing dry line. We encourage you to monitor available sources for the latest weather information throughout the day. Storms are likely to hold off until early afternoon at the earliest, so whether you will be at home or at work, this morning is a good time to review severe weather safety procedures. Over western Oklahoma and western north Texas, there will likely be strong winds and extreme wildfire conditions behind the dry line this afternoon.

There are a helluva lot of things I can say about living in Oklahoma, but one thing I can't say - ever - is that the weather is boring and predictable...


  1. I guess it is a trade off. Yall have some great hunting but terrible weather. Our weather is not as erratic but our hunting is not that great either.

  2. Batten down and hold tight, amigo! Seems like all the storms are headline seekers lately!

  3. Hi Chad,
    Trying to find an email address but have been coming up short (maybe you're keeping it tight by design).

    Anyway, I had wanted to share info with you on two of our clients that could be of interest to your F&S readers and elsewhere. My email is bill at bbpublicrelations.com if you want to reach out.

  4. I have forgotten how to contact you directly and can't find your information on MDC. Would you call me about a grouse opener September 1st in the Rocky Mtns, 303-324-5767. It's shaping up to be a great camp.