Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If You Read Just One Thing Today...

...then please, make it Hal Herring's blog post on HR1 over at F&S. I don't want to sound alarmist or anything (oh, horseshit, yes I do) but as Hal points out, these proposals -  if passed -  are total, landscape-level game-changers for American conservation.

Just go on over, read it, and please leave a comment to show editors you care about conservation and appreciate the continued coverage. They do take notice of things like that.

And for god's sake contact your reps, your senators, anyone who'll listen to express your support for the continued funding of America's conservation programs like CRP, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, the Clean Water Act and everything else in the crosshairs of this misguided, dangerous, punitive, unnecessary  and completely short-sighted proposal.


  1. Good grief. CARA gets scuttled a decade ago, and now this?

  2. Thanks for posting this. I hope individuals will take a position, boost their awareness, and take a stand. I liked the comment, "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

  3. Thanks for the information. Now it's just up to the rest of us to get off our asses and make a phone call.

  4. Thanks for posting this.

    On a very-much related note, if you want to do a bigger piece on California water, I'm more than happy to talk with you. My day job is the Salmon Campaign Manager for the South Yuba River Citizens League.