Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eat Me, I'm Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The Mallard's been on a spring break hiatus of sorts. Things will be back to normal next week, but in honor of the occasion I wanted to post a photo of the lovely wife's delicious Blarney Stones.

Not being Irish, I have no idea what the hell a Blarney Stone is, but I will eat them until the pan is gone, then I'll crank up the Dropkick Murphys and the Flogging Molly and wash them down with a Guinness*, but only because the bastards - whoever they are -  have stopped importing my beloved Mackeson Triple Stout.

*Actually that's a wishful lie. I'll eat one with a glass of milk and then go back to working my ass off building a retaining wall for our back yard. Because that's what old married dudes do...


  1. Hey Spoonie, I mean Mallard, how about a recipe!

  2. Looks good and will try them.,1-0,blarney_stones,FF.html

  3. They look awesome, but what I am more impressed with is someone else who appreciates Mackeson Triple Stout! Oh, sweet nectar, how I do love thee!

    Those things really do look delicious!

  4. The blarney stone is part of blarney castle in Ireland, Kissing it is supposed to give the "gift of the gab" or in your case words to write with

  5. 'aint nothin' wrong the smilin' mallard...

    My wife (who isn't Irish, either) found the recipe on

  6. Chad
    For a magic weight gain food - now add chopped apricots - not traditional but very yummy