Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marlin update...

Joe Cermele's Hook Shots episode is up over at the Field and Stream website.


Not only is Joe is a seriously talented video editor who did a great job on this one, he's also a helluva nice guy who busted his ass to make sure I had a great time this weekend.

Head on over, watch the video and leave a comment on Joe's blog. And you even get the chance to watch yours truly getting my ass flat whipped by that magnificent fish.


  1. Dude, that is a SWEET first fish to catch from the ocean! Nice video, too.

  2. Chad, i just popped over and watched that video...WOW! What a chaotic, amazing and potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience!! That video really captured the experience - from hitting the water before dawn to the heart-pounding, frenetic landing of that electric-blue beauty. Heck, i had the speakers turned up and my blood was rushing as i watched it all unfold! Well done on your part, Chad, and a tip of the hat to the guys you were with.