Monday, April 13, 2015

A Modest American Proposal...

When confronted by a false and deceitful political "movement" so outrageous, so dangerous, and so fundamentally un-American and antithetical to our core values that it seems like satire, sometimes the only sane response is to go full-on Swiftian.

A. Richard Hatcher of Lewistown, Montana, I salute you, and if I ever get back up to your fair country to hunt again (and the good {insert deity of choice here} willing, I shall), I will gladly seek you out, take you down to the Mint, and buy you a round or three of Pig's Ass Porter.

Hat tip goes to the most excellent Bull Moose Gazette Facebook page, which is where I first saw it posted. If you're on FB, do yourself a favor and follow him... 


Published in the Lewistown (MT) News Argus, April 11, 2015

This is such a great idea I propose we take it even further and put Congress out of its misery by restoring the British monarchy to America. Half the country is ga-ga about royal gossip anyway.

April 11, 2015

Look to European model for land ownership

Dear Editor,

I am extremely disappointed that more of Montana’s citizens are not enthusiastically supporting the efforts of the majority leadership in the Montana Legislature, recently joined by our junior U.S. senator, to divest the federal public lands and transfer them to the state. This transfer to the states should be but a brief prelude to their sale and privatization, so they can be put to proper use by America’s wealthy.

We should applaud the efforts of these representatives and their financial backers to return the public estate to private ownership. For over 200 years, the United States has increasingly strayed from its European roots and traditions of exclusive private land ownership by the wealthy and gentry.

The silliness of President Theodore Roosevelt’s National Forest, National Wildlife Refuges and other conservation innovations can be put aside in this great effort to revert to the European model of land ownership and resource management. 

As Montana’s population and its out-of-state ownership
grow, there simply won’t be enough high quality hunting and fishing for everyone. As these amenities become more coveted it makes sense that we cash them in for the enjoyment of the most deserving – those who can pay.

The European model of fish and wildlife ownership by the privileged and hunting and fishing for the wealthy and their friends is a good use of these commodities and maximizes their economic value.

Alas, there will always be public land. It is inevitable that some of the arid, ugly lands devoid of game and sport fish will not be sold. Here the public can cling to this ill-considered land use.

Ancillary benefits to privatization of the public lands include the jobs that are created in an increasingly difficult economy. The vast, private estates will require gillies and gamekeepers. Enormous numbers of employees will be required to fence and patrol these lands against trespass.
People will be needed to conduct the driven bird and game shoots. Privatization will eliminate all this fuss about public access. Seemingly, endless time is wasted on these access issues. Your newspaper alone will save barrels of ink.

We need to get behind this effort to privatize the public lands and get back to the model of European hunting and fishing.

A. Richard Hunter, Lewistown


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  2. I wrote a commendation to Senator Gardner, the lone Republican to vote against Murkowski's amendment, and expressed my pleasure regarding his dissent. Gardner also happens to be my representative.

    Keep up the great work Chad.

    1. I was actually really surprised by his vote. I was bitterly disappointed when he beat Udall, but maybe he'll not be as bad as I feared.

  3. House republicans are attempting to gut FWP with house bill 403...the elephant in the room is the attempt to sunset block management funding in two years...sell public lands and deny hunter funded access on private lands. The tin foil hats are running Helena and ruining the last best place. Tom Condon Glendive, Montana

    1. Tom, your FB feed is one of my main sources of info on what's going on in Montana. Keep it up.

  4. Montana is doing well, compared to New Mexico. And people aren't paying attention. I can just hear the roar when somebody's favorite access closes...

    1. Steve, I read about the new stream access law just passed in NM. Sad.

  5. I was sitting in the pub where Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, the america he and Washington dreamed of is looking so far away its just amazing.
    You'll soon be joining us; hunting tree rabbits with pellet guns and fishing in amongst the discarded shopping trolleys before you know it. GOOD LUCK.