Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Okie Lifehacks...

 How to temporarily repair a broken exhaust pipe weld using two beers*, two hose clamps, a tube of JB Weld, and The Big Lebowski.

Step One: Press and form JB Weld into the cracked exhaust pipe weld.

Step Two: Go inside, watch The Big Lebowski while drinking the two beers as you wait for the JB Weld to cure. Do not resume repairs until the movie is over and the beer cans are empty. This is a crucial step.

Step Three: Take the two empty beer cans into the garage, cut off their tops and bottoms, and slit lengthwise.

Step Four: Slide one can over the top of the weld joint, one can over the bottom of the weld joint, and place both cans to where they overlap the joint.

Step Five: Place the two hose clamps on either end of the overlapping cans and tighten as much as possible.

Step Six: Step back and observe your handiwork. Become very pleased with yourself. Go back inside and watch Fargo.

Step Seven: When you do eventually get around to taking the car to a muffler shop to have it repaired correctly, make sure your wife does it so they can't make fun of the idiot who thought this was a good idea.

*No, I don't usually drink Michelob Ultra, but my wife does, and those slightly longer-than-normal, skinny little cans were perfect for the repair. So don't judge.


  1. I'm not judging the beer - hell I'll drink just about anything that's in the refrigerator. But unless you were watching the trailer for The Big Lebowski I have to think there were more than two beers involved.

  2. I am shocked and saddened that there is no duct tape (or duck tape) in this photo.

  3. I have done that exact repair and it lasted until I got rid of the truck; no need to ever visit the muffler shop.

  4. Unmitigated brilliance. I wonder if a scaled down version would work on my rusted out brake lines...

  5. Forgot to add: different beer and movie.

  6. You know us so well, my first thought was "chad's drinking Michelslob!!! ostia puta is nothing sacred'

  7. When I was a sixteen year old in Joplin I bought a 1958 MGA that had 2 Folgers coffee cans wired together for a muffler. Sounded great. So this seems quite logical.