Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mallard's Infinite Playlist: Missed Opportunity Edition

Damnit, damnit, damnit. How the hell did I miss this?

People lounged on blankets, sat in lawn chairs and danced on the grass as the annual Summer Breeze concert series got underway Sunday at Lions Park with a performance by The Gourds. Singer/songwriter John Fullbright had been scheduled to kick off the season on May 19, but his performance was rained out. An appearance by Fullbright has been rescheduled for 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the park at Symmes Street and Flood Avenue. The outdoor concert series is sponsored by the Performing Arts Studio. All concerts are free and are held in Lions Park. For a complete schedule, visit www.pasnorman.org.

I mostly enjoy living out here in the middle of nowhere some 170 miles removed from my hometown, I really do. True, I must take my fishing where I can find it, which kinda sucks, but in the fall I can load up the dogs, pull out of the driveway and literally be on the ground hunting in twenty minutes. That's worth a lot. I generally don't like people, and there are relatively few of them out here to piss me off. That's worth a lot, too. But I must admit that sometimes I really miss the experience of growing up and living in a nice, progressive (for Oklahoma), culturally diverse (again, for Oklahoma), large-but-not-too-large state university town. Things like free and funky outdoor music festivals that draw bands like the Gourds...

I think that song should be required listening for all middle school geography classes. And since I believe it's actually against the law to mention the Gourds without also mentioning their classic, infamous, universally loved, much-mistaken-for-Phish, Best Cover Ever version of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" here it is, too (NSFW, or kids...)


  1. I've also heard that cover mistakenly credited to the String Cheese Incident. I keep it on my phone and use it when the ambient tunes get dull.

  2. I think confusion from mislabeling was pretty common back in the old Napster file-sharing days, and may still be. I know when I was a Napster user I'd download a lot of songs that I thought (from reading the file name) that were from one band I'd never heard of, only to eventually find out they were in fact from another band I'd never heard of...

    1. I downloaded a few songs only to find out they weren't the songs I downloaded.

  3. Worse, Chad... we missed them at Luckenbach a couple weeks back... FOR FREE. It was raining like hell in the southern Hill Country where I live, so we figured it was probably storming at Luckenbach too and called it a wash. The next day, of course, the social network was alive with reviews and raves.