Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mallards's Infinite Playlist: Persistence of Memory Edition

Somehow, inexplicably, I turned a year older yesterday. I woke up, saw the wife and kids off to school, sat down at the computer, said to hell with it, packed up a few rods, a few beers and headed for the lake.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to catch some white bass on a fly rod, and then tried, sort of successfully, to catch a few channel cats on some cut bait. I sat on a rock, watched my rods, drank my beer, and tried, as we all do, to reconcile what I once thought I'd be with what I am. But I think I'm better at fishing than I am at reconciling.

I reeled in my rods, went home, played with the dogs, and took a walk with the family. After they went to bed I made myself a drink or two, listened to some music, and fell asleep. I can't complain.


  1. Well, I can explain how you turned a year older but it dives deep into Newtonian physics, orbital mechanics and the space-time continuum so I'll just wish you a belated happy birthday. I don't care what anybody says, every birthday is a good one.

  2. I went fishing with a friend today. It was his 49th birthday, so he took a personal day off work.

    At lunch (my treat), he was talking about some hotshot fly fisherman-writer-guide and said, "He's younger than I am," to which I replied, "You're going to be saying that more and more."

    We caught three or four trout between us and missed more than that. But standing in the river is always good.

  3. Feliz cumpleanos, Chad.

    Those milestones start falling away faster and faster, even though the earth's rotation doesn't actually increase. A day is still 24 hours and a year is still 365 days (well, some fractions are involved). But time still moves more quickly. If you want to reconcile something, try that on for size.

    Seriously, it sounds like life is reasonably good. Hard to ask for more than that, even on your birthday.

  4. Happy birthday and don't be too hard on yourself. Life is but a joke, realize that and you will be well on your way to finding wisdom.

  5. That being said, I am not wise. But I still think the that this life is not to be taken too seriously

  6. Chad

    Now I feel bad, not because your getting older, but because every year we blog and email i thing ' I must send Chad a bottle of something nice from scotalnd, oh well bit short of cash I'll take it with me when we finally meet up, and then you have another birthday and i'll have to ad another bottle to the luggage allowance. One day Chad one day.
    Happy Birthday mate

  7. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. Next year I hope to mark the day not by sitting on a rock, staring at a bobber, drinking beer and wondering where the years went, but by jumping out an airplane as a demonstration of my youthful vigor.

    Or maybe I'll just buy another six-pack and a tub of worms...

  8. Sorry, should read out "of" an airplane. Wouldn't want to get the pedants (i.e. "wife") all twisted...

  9. SBW, I think i've discovered a way we can asauge your sense of guilt. I live in Berlin and see Chad every Christmas. You just simply pop "a bottle of something nice from Scotland" in the mail to me here in Berlin and I'd be happy to ensure Chad gets at least half...er...a fourth of the bottle come Christmas!

    And Chad...happy belated. I just crossed the 40 threshold a couple weeks ago...I feel your pain, as they say.