Friday, November 18, 2011

It's That Time Of Year...

And both my ever-diminishing back as well as my ever-expanding waist do not like it. When the dead-standing trees are still two hundred rough, brush-choked yards from the closest point you can drive the truck, one pick-up load is about all this old-ish dude cares to handle at one time.

And unfortunately, it's also this time of year...

So for the next nine days while Oklahoma's public lands are off-limits to quail and duck hunting, I will join the Fuddite Army in pursuit of The Antlered Ones, although if I tag out quickly or just get bored and restless I may load up the dogs and make a few quick trips to some nearby Kansas WIHA lands. I hear the war doesn't start up there until Nov. 30th...


  1. There's not many times I'd say this about one of your posts, but looking at that first picture it's better you than me.

    Is that second saw a spare or are you just one badass lumberjack wielding two at the same time?

  2. Yeah! And in your down time you can split all those rounds. Oh, and don't forget to cut out some kindling too.

    I can laugh now, but that truck looks an awful lot like my weekend plans.

  3. I like it.

    No, seriously, I like messing aroung with firewood. Splitting's my favorite but sawing is OK too. Don't get many chances to do it these days, unless my father-in-law decides to turn another of his old fruit trees into barbeque fuel, but still.

    I like the post, too.

  4. Looks like an excuse to get one of those cool DR Log Splitters I keep seeing on TV.

  5. As for it being That Time of Year, it's not much better here in Texas. However, TP&W does have a couple WMA's in East Texas that are closed to deer hunters but open to small game hunters. I'll be loading up the little cur-dog and heading to the big woods for some squirrel hunting early next week. The plan is to miss all of the Thanksgiving morning hysteria and get back home just in time to sit down and eat. Piggish? Nah... my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her two teenage daughters, and both my daughters will be piled up at my house all week. My wife will glad to get shed of me for a couple days.

  6. Mark, one in each hand...

    No, second saw's just a spare. The wife's family's old home place is about 35 miles form the house, so if one goes kaput I haven't wasted the trip...

  7. Do any of you have any experience with tree stands? I've been thinking about dropping some money on one for deer season this year. I've been looking around The Sportsman's Guide and their tree stand page. I'm expecting to spend anywhere form $70-$200 anymore than that and forget it I'll stick to the ground. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance gentlemen.