Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bleeding-Edge Goodness...

                              "If, on your journey, should you encounter God, God will be cut."
                                                                  Hattori Hanzo, from "Kill Bill: Vol. 1"

Ok, so maybe it's not that sharp, but it's damn sharp. Charles May BladieMae. D2. Black canvas micarta. Nickel pins. Nothing fancy, just form following function. Will still shave hair off a forearm after breaking down a deer.

One of my favorite knives from one of my favorite knifemakers. I've got a review of his bird and trout knife (in S30V rather than D2) coming up on the Field & Stream gundogs blog, but the BladieMae remains my favorite all-around knife. I got this one in trade on the secondary market. If you want a new one, it's about a ten-month wait.

Charlie is one of the relatively few knifemakers out there (other than dedicated bushcrafter knifemakers) who offers his knives - any of them -  with a scandi grind, and if I could ever scrape up the coin (which I can't, of course...) I'd have him make me a scandi-grind BladieMae in a heartbeat...

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  1. Ooooooh
    D2 goodness, that full flat grind never loses it's appeal. Defiantly to be filled under 'things that don't suck'