Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Is What A Cosmic Screwing Looks Like...

The highest fall flight numbers in decades whisper promises of an epic waterfowl season. And I finally have a boat to duck hunt out of. No more busting reeds, busting ice or busting my ass. Just launch the boat and go.

All those shallow backwater areas at the upper end of the lake, the areas you could never reach on foot? The areas you see ducks pouring into year after year as you hunker down in the ass-deep water blowing your duck call like a kazoo hoping to peel off a few tone-deaf stragglers?

They're yours now. Just launch the boat and go. That's your new mantra: no worries, just launch the boat and go.

Uh, yeah. About that...

And that's the best-looking boat ramp on the lake. The others are much, much worse. And with the long-term fall and winter forecast calling for a La Nina pattern, it doesn't look to get any better any time soon, and in fact will - in all likelihood - only get worse, water-level wise.

All my other spots are bone-dry. The walk-in areas I typically hunt on the lake are mostly high and dry and the water level of the main lake body is so far away from any shoreline cover I'd need a layout blind to kill anything.

What I need is a small sneakboat I can throw in the back of the truck and launch from anywhere. What I have is a brand-new, much-anticipated, long-dreamed-about 16-foot, 25-horsepower albatross. What a cosmic screwing...

Teal season starts in three days. The general waterfowl season starts Oct. 29th. Time to start doing some rain dances...


  1. Dude, leave your boat and come out to Cali. We'll show you some good duck hunting.

  2. Well if you want to shoot some woodies in SC let us know. Cant guarantee much but we have got rain.

  3. Just launch your boat and go? With all the loading, the decoys, the dog ramp, the camo material, the gas, the getting there before everyone else......

    The best of luck to you! I am a fortunate one - plenty of water filling low places here in NE Iowa. But I do hope to read about some awesome duck hunts here!

    Take care!