Monday, July 11, 2011

Blogging Escher-Style...

I can log in to post a blog, but when I try to log in to respond to a comment, or to comment on anyone else's Blogger-based blog, it prompts me for my username/password, and then when I do that, it shows the comment being from "anonymous."

And then, when I try to post the comment, even as "anonymous" it then - in a nice little bit of circularity -  sends me right back to the Google sign-in page to start the whole futile process over again...

Any ideas? Is a wholesale move to say, Wordpress in the future?


  1. WP, all the way. ;-)

    Even trying to comment on Blogger-powered sites, I've been getting the runaround. With luck, this comment will actually get posted.

  2. I used to get the runaround, and then it stopped suddenly.


    I blog on both platforms, and I find that blogger is easier to just throw something up, but WP has much more functionality for SEO and the like. I plan to switch soon.

    Re: your title - I thought you'd have posted Mary Lewis & Lambchop's famous song that never ends...

  3. Yes! I got this too, and I thought it was just me.

    Here's how you fix it. Log OUT of your blogger/Google account, and then log in again, but UNCHECK the box that says "stay logged in."

    Voila. Don't say I never did anything for you, Chad...

  4. Hey that trick worked! Now let me see if I'll be able to follow more people. That function has disappeared for me, too

  5. I've tried holding my tongue different ways, etc., but Blogger most often plays the Marx Bros. "Who's on first?" routine and I never get out of the loop. I eventually give up. Word Press seems to work better.

  6. Blogger is Buddhist lesson in the impermanence of all things, and there's something about trying to shout when there is on one to hear you too.
    maybe I'm reading too much into this?
    PS Still fighting the urge to say i told you so

  7. Had that problem for about 3 weeks in June, and then suddenly it stopped....????...