Friday, December 3, 2010

Back from My Own Rooster Road Trip #1

My apologies for the week of non activity. Immediately following the last post, the Gods decided to throw me a bone and I put a nice fat doe in the freezer. And it's the damndest thing: I don't even miss the horns. Hopefully a few more will follow before the season(s) ends.

But no sooner had I finished that then I had to pack for a week of driving (endless driving) and pheasant hunting in Aberdeen, South Dakota with the folks at Pheasants Forever, thus the reason for my absence.

I had a wonderful time. I experienced some amazing hunting, managed to not embarrass myself shooting, watched a lot of good dog work, watched my dog chase after said dogs (maybe she learned something) met some new friends, learned a lot about the conservation work PF does, finally got to meet in person a number of guys I had only known through e-mail, generally had a blast and hope like hell they invite me back next year. Pics and more info to follow, of course.

But I'm home now, having just stumbled in after a fourteen-hour drive that started in a winter storm warning and ended in t-shirt weather. I'm bleary-eyed, dead-tired and haven't checked my e-mail since Monday. I'm going to bed...  


  1. Looking forward to the report Chad, once your back in the land of the living that is!

  2. Which dog did you take? A trip like that would've been awesome for that little setter. And about the horns....I don't care how long you cook them, they taste awful.

  3. No horns? So much for your future in TV.

  4. Well, at least you're home.

    Now quit slacking and start writing!

  5. Chad

    SD is amazing, did you go to crazy horse or the badlands?