Monday, October 25, 2010

Follow The Bouncing Tail...

Apologies for the dearth of activity the past few days. I've been in Texas (by choice, even) chasing bird dogs for an upcoming web story/photo gallery for F&S. Had a good time, met some good folks, drank some good scotch (good in the fact that not only was it a fine single-malt Islay beginning with the letter "L", but good in the fact that someone else paid for it, thus saving this month's mortgage payment). As such, I downed as much as my liver would allow. I am only an occasional but shamelessly opportunistic drunk...

I took Jenny along for the trip, and as you can tell from the photograph, she had a lot of fun trying to keep up with older, faster, stronger and bigger-running dogs. She didn't stumble across any wild birds, but on the way back I picked up a few quail from a game farm. We'll see how that goes this week.

The downside was I missed the waterfowl opener and Tessie the chessie is a bit put out with me. I tried explaining to her that we have no water on the private land and since the deerslayer muzzleloader season also opened on Saturday there was no way we were hunting the lake, but she's still a bit grumpy. If I can find some water I'll make it up to her this weekend.

More posts to follow once I catch up with responsibilities and other drudgeries...


  1. Man, what a glorious shot! I hope that's going to be in the F&S spread.

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  3. You running an Astro on Jenny? I've been tempted to take that plunge and wondered how you like it (if that's what that antenna is).

  4. Mark, yep, that's an Astro. I love it so far, and I'll be giving some more impressions of it as the season goes on.

    I tend to be a Luddite with some things, but I'm not with this. It's so nice to not only know exactly where your dog is, but also to know whether he's moving or on point.

    I've always been a little uptight about knowing exactly where my dogs are at all times and I think that sort of hindered the development of my first pointer some because I constantly felt the need to keep her in sight.

    But with the Astro I can let Jenny run, even in cover, and always feel connected and in control, or at the very least I now know in which direction to take off running and yelling after her...

    The Astro has fixed one of the things I was worried about in getting another pointing dog, because everyone said "just let her run the first year and find her range no pressure, etc, etc." but I'm just not a "just let her run, it's all good" personality. I'm a worrier.

    But the Astro lets me do that, and I'm hoping Jenny will benefit from it as a result.

    And it's pretty much foolproof. Has to be for me to be able to use it. Like I said, haven't used it in actual hunting yet, but I'll be giving an ongoing review of it as the season unfolds. But so far, I'd highly recommend it.