Monday, November 30, 2009

OK, so I know I've said this before...

But I really am planning on updating the blog in terms of its look, photography, links, the blogroll, etc, etc. It's just a matter of taking the time to actually, you know, do it...

I know a number of fellow bloggers have added me to their blogroll and I promise that my lack of reciprocity does not constitute blatant assholery on my part. As I once explained to an ex-girlfriend with whom I was breaking up, "It's not you, baby. It's me."

OK, so I just completely made that up. I've never uttered those words in my life and in fact the few times I ever managed to beat an ex-girlfriend to the break-up punch I always made it a point to blame everything on her. That, as they say, is just the way I roll...

But hey, the point still holds. The fact is, I'm still fairly intimidated by the fact that I am solely responsible for this blog's design and content. I'm just a writer, a scribbler. I am, by my own admission, horrible with visuals, art direction or creating anything that looks pleasing to the eye.

You want proof? I couldn't think of an appropriate photo to go with today's blog, so I just decided on this gratuitous cute puppy pic. Of course it's a brainless cop-out, but everyone likes puppies, right?

It's a perfect example of why every time I sit down with the intention of redesigning, adding to or tweaking the blog, my internal voice tells me "You suck at this. Just go have a beer." So I do.

See, I started this blog on a whim, a little side project purely for my own amusement. Just a place to stick things that didn't fit elsewhere, didn't make much sense or weren't and never would be publishable. It's horribly unfocused, completely scattershot, wildly inconsistent, has no target demographic, brand or identity whatsoever and is, quite frankly, a little weird. Just like me.

I never really meant it to be an online resume or portfolio of my writing, and I certainly never expected anyone to read the damn thing.

But The Suburban Bushwacker took a bit of pity on me, and since then I have accumulated a raging trickle of regular readers, a few of whom aren't even family. I mean, every once in a while if the topic is salient or pithy enough I may crack twenty unique visits a day.

And since I have a small family and few literate friends, that means there are literally tens of people out there who are occasionally interested or bored enough to visit the blog.

I thank you, and I once again apologize for failing to extend the courtesy you've extended me. I'm in the process of updating the blogroll, adding pictures, screwing around with the look and themes and generally mucking things up. You might want to avert your eyes, because it might get ugly (ier).

And if you've added me to your blogroll but you don't see yours in mine (when I get it finished) please let me know.


  1. Ahh Chadley
    Up to your old tricks again - fishing for complements and giving it the ol' 'woe is me, I'm just a poor hack from the boondocks' routine.

    Well buster it won't wash here, I happen to have it on very good authority that you do a neat sideline in dramatic photos of climatic action, and the backyard full of deer have, I would guess, have provided one or two photo ops over the years. Not to mention the uber babe mrs and all those mullet-tastic pictures hidden in a shoe box on top of the wardrobe

    Don't make me come on down there and give you a ribbing.

  2. PS the puppy looks delicious. How did you cook him?

  3. SBW, aren't you full of piss and vinegar!

    Chad, I'm proud to be one of your tens of readers. I can say I knew you when. Yeah, I knew you when you were already a successful hunting journalist with F&S...

    Wait, SBW, you're right...

  4. Hey Chad.. the hell with all that other stuff. Just write. That's really what we're here for.

  5. SBW made me laugh. You were ok too, chad.

    If your ever in Bama, we'll split a bottle of Grouse and hunt a bird or two. Hope the new layout becomes everything you ever dreamed of.


  6. Doesn't anyone drink bourbon any more?

  7. We like you just the way you are.

    How was the hawking?

  8. We like you just the way you are, except it seems hard to comment!

    How was the hawking?

  9. Chad, What breed is the puppy ??