Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Television...

Or, for that matter, your monitor. Over the next week or three, in between bouts of fishing, I'll be messing around (and that's a very apt description of it) with how the blog looks.

No, the Abbey-readin', scotch-lovin' discontented mallard isn't going anywhere (although I am replacing him and his two dozen friends with new blocks this fall...) but I just don't think the colors are working, I need to add more photographs, I need to figure out those "gadget" things, better ways of putting in links, better ways to respond to comments, update my blogroll, etc, etc,.

In short, over the next few weeks I'm going to figure out all the stuff I should have figured out before I started the blog. Unfortunately, that's a pattern I've followed most of my adult life...

So if it looks strange, please bear with me. And if you have any suggestions - design, technical, editorial or otherwise, please feel free to tell me about it, because I am utterly incompetent when it comes to this stuff.


  1. I told a friend I was thinking about a gun and related stuff blog but wasn't sure about it. He said "Just jump in the water and you'll figger out how to swim as you go."

    Learn by doing and screwing up things is how I learn best anyway. Just back up things before you make major changes so you can go back if you want. Use the HTML tabs and cut and paste the existing HTML and save it as a text file with a relevant name before you change anything drastic.

    You'll be fine.

  2. I'm with Tom - it's no crime to learn as you go. I don't think any of us started with blogs that looked exactly like they look now.

  3. Chad,

    Look for a blog whose "look" or "object placement" you appreciate, then ask them to tell you what template they use.

    I've learned to modify the templates I use through the google search function... it's amazing what's available!

    BTW I think your blog looks great. Personally I prefer the three column, fotunately that would be a minor adjustment for this template. I think the colors are great too.

    If you need help, touch base with me and I can assist you with the bit I know.

    Best regards,
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  4. I recommend a switch away from light-on-dark type back to black or dark grey on a light background.

    The former hurts readability, studies show, and people do not read closely on the Web its. (citations available if you like)

  5. i think you should use The Antiques Diva blog as a template for success. I hear her IT guy is a pretty sought-after commodity.

  6. Hey Chad, not sure if you're actively seeking suggestions for improvement, but one key thing you need to do is add the the functionality to your title banner that, when clicked, takes you to the blog "home page" so to speak.

    Good luck,