Monday, May 16, 2016


Yes, it really has been three months since last I blogged. I have, however, been working (sporadically, and with much gnashing of teeth and muttering of obscenities) on figuring out how I want to continue with the blog, if at all.

The good news, for the three or four who still occasionally check in here, is that I'm not killing the blog. The bad news is, I am moving it to Wordpress, possibly changing the name, and tweaking it a bit, into more of an author website/blog, although in the beginning (at least until I figure out how to navigate and use Wordpress) it'll probably still look pretty much like your standard blog rather than an actual website.

Why am I doing it? Well, for one I thought the blog was - if I'm honest - looking a bit stale and dated. In addition, the Blogger template, while stable and easy to use, has very little flexibility to change or modify the look or function of the blog. It's very limiting. Three, since writing and editing are how I sporadically pay the bills, I wanted a blog that would also serve as a decent-looking author website, or at least have the flexibility to incorporate those elements as I grow more comfortable with Wordpress.

I'll admit, it's somewhat bittersweet thing for me, as I've met many interesting people thanks to this obscure little blog, and a few that have turned into good friends. But after seven years and 515-odd posts, I just thought it was time to try something a little different, on the surface if not in essence.     

My plan once I get the site up and running is to slowly start transferring some selected old content from here over to Wordpress. Once that's finished, I'll probably do one last blog post here to redirect users to the new site, and then leave it as a static site.

I'm not quite ready for that, yet, but I'll keep you posted...


  1. Looking forward to the new home, especially if that means more writing. I grew up not far from the places you write about, and learned to hunt sparsely populated quail over strange dog breeds in western Oklahoma. Your stories here and on MOF bring me home.

    If you need any help or assistance with the move to Wordpress let me know. I have some experience in such things and would love to help out.

  2. Yep ... kinda how things work now days. I catch up with "technology" only to find "technology" has/is moving on.

    I found the MOF as well as Mallard of Discontent several months back and love both (among others) ... I'll follow you to Wordpress, but I refuse to do the Facebook thingie ... jeez ... technology

    BTW ... don't underestimate how much people enjoy the Blog format ... short accounts of words put to paper/electronic media no matter how abbreviated, will always be well received by those of us who are less fortunate than accomplished talent like yourself at expressing their feelings, passions, expectations and frustrations in everyday life.

  3. Following wherever. Smart, talented and into the things I'm into, yeah, I'll come along.

  4. You should be able to import all your old Blogger posts as a batch, I think.

  5. Agree with several stated above. I found this and MOF years ago and follow the posts religiously. I do agree with soxrus, won't do the Facebook thing though.

    Good luck and thanks for keeping the reads coming, even if sporadically.

  6. Still keeping up with you........... if/when you update/change, don't forget to update your followers on GON and the Campfire!!!! *Go Moebirds*!!

  7. No matter the platform, the value remains a compelling story. I'm looking forward to the telling.


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  9. Did you drop off the Facebook?

  10. Enjoy the blogging, Chad. Really liked your work on F & S Blog before they went all PC on you. Blogspot is pretty good. It's not like you've downsized into a one room apartment with one bare light bulb over a 1920's

    Keep the words coming, Dude!!!

  11. The world is breathtakingly shitty, all of a sudden. Your pen is as talented as any. Can't you come back? Your voice is irreplaceable.