Saturday, January 11, 2014

Environmental State Change

Just how dry has it been on the southern plains the past few years? When I first moved to my current location seventeen years ago, I shot ducks off this pond. And it was full (you can see where the drainpipe is). It's also an interesting photograph in that it shows three of the main (but by no means only) environmental change agents currently at work on the southern plains: Drought, invasive species (eastern redcedars) and energy development (wind turbines).

And oh, yes, when I took this picture this morning, it was a balmy 67 degrees. On January 11. The high tomorrow? Almost 70.

The times they are 'a changin'...

*This pic is also about as close as this guy's ever gonna get to a "selfie." And even this one was accidental. Because, goddamnit, real men don't do "selfies." They don't even utter the word "selfie" unless it's in protective quotation marks...

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