Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Falling Leaves Make Me Happy

To hell with you, summer. Fall is here at last, and the leaves are getting suicidal. Dove season kicked off on Sunday, early teal starts in ten days, and then a long stretch until the waterfowl opener in late October, and finally, (finally!) quail season opens on Nov. 9th. And to think that in a lot of states (I'm looking at you, Montana) upland bird seasons started on Sunday right along with dove. Lucky bastards. Of course, we can hunt until February 15th, while you northern hosers are busy ice fishing, so I guess it balances out...

There's much work to be done between now and then, anyway. You can't run or train dogs on public land here in Oklahoma until Sept. 1, so the dogs have had a long, boring summer getting fat and lazy just like me, but that's about to change, too. We've got a lot of running to do between now and November, so go on leaves, keep jumping. The end is nigh. Photosynthesis is over. End your now-pointless lives and make me happy...



  1. "Amen brother. Booze cruisers on the river take notice, leaves jump to their deaths, and feathers begin to float. Let's get it on" - Judge Mills Lane

  2. Two more months for me. I'm guessing you're already hunting?