Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hoist a Brew for Climate Change...

Two weeks ago, I was shoving wood in the stove as fast as I could while enduring -15 temps and fifteen inches of snow.

Last week I sat on my back porch soaking up sunshine and a warm, gentle, seventy-degree breeze while drinking a beer and listening to the turkeys talk to each other out in the woods.

Ultimately we're all doomed, but catastrophic planet-level climate change does have its short-term benefits...


  1. Don't get too comfy there - I think we're about to send another cold blast your way, right after we're done with it.

  2. It must have arrived because I'm building a fire today...

  3. Ok, as long as we're talking about substituting me for you I'll go ahead and mention that those are my shoes you're wearing. I don't know about that high cotton beer though..

  4. Shiner? It's kinda like Kinky Friedman,one of the few truly wonderful things to come outta Texas.

    I kid my Texas friends, I only kid...