Friday, August 13, 2010

Back home...again.

Just dragged in from a week of Colorado trout fishing with Mouthful of Feathers blogger (and Trout Unlimited rep, flyfishing guide, camp cook, dirty joke-teller, fellow shotgun-and gundog-nut and all around good dude) Greg McReynolds.

Had an absolute blast. I saw some spectacular country, notched my first-ever Rio Grande cutthroat while coming up just short of a four-species trout slam (Cutts, browns, brookies and rainbows. Screw you, rainbows), learned a helluva lot about trout fishing in general and the plight of the cutthroat in particular, solved many world problems while sitting around the campfire drinking (as the two are inextricably tied) and managed to not embed a fly in either Greg, myself or any innocent bystanding tourists and/or non-piscatorial wildlife.

I'd consider that one hell of an accomplishment. The not embedding a fly part. The rest of it was pretty cool, too. Blogs and pics to follow.

What with the trip to Montana and then a few days later this trip to Colorado, blog posts have been fairly scarce lately. There are, alas, no more trips on the horizon (at least until hunting season starts) so I guess I'm home to stay for a while...

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