Friday, May 21, 2010

Further Explorations in Online Publishing...

Just noticed via the excellent  Fishing For History blog that a new online flyfishing literary journal is in the works.

Rise Forms  "publishes high-quality, literary work that conveys the passion and contemplative nature of fly fishing. Emphasis should not only be on what is said, but on how it is said, seeking to capture both the voice of the modern fly fisher, while also reflecting on the rich traditions of past angling authors"

Sounds good to me. I do wish it wasn't fly fishing only, as I believe the contemplative nature of angling isn't and never has been the exclusive purview of angling with the fly. I've had some pretty deep thoughts while flinging a hunk of chicken liver and drinking a beer...On the other hand, in today's post-literate world I welcome any publication of thoughtful sporting discourse, regardless of method.


  1. Chad,

    Feel free to submit something based on your liver and beer experiences. If you move us with those deep thoughts (you could probably fudge a little and give a token thought to those wacky fly anglers), we will probably overlook the small liver indiscretion ;-) . Seriously!

    Scott Carles

  2. Here hear. *raises glass in appreciation*