Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vote Early and Vote Often...

I just learned that Joe Cermele's Hook Shots video series over at Field & Stream has been named a finalist for the Webby Awards  in the Travel and Adventure category.

Now, that's a great honor. The other finalists are from the likes of (among others) National Geographic, Conde Nast and Vice.

But here's the deal: Joe is Hook Shots. He's the creator, producer, writer, editor, cameraman, host, sound guy, fixer, troubleshooter and - for his guests - babysitter, fishing guide, tour guide, motel, cook and chauffeur. He's also the guy who, after doing all this, insists you take the first fish, even if it turns out to be the only fish...

You think National Geographic or Conde's entries were wholly created by just one guy? Doubt it. Joe's a wonderfully talented guy and deserves to not only win, but to have Hook Shots get picked by a big sponsor.

I never watch fishing shows because the vast majority of those fake cornpone travesties suck, and suck horribly. But I'd watch Hook Shots even if Joe weren't a friend. Although the music and the tone may not be for the tweed-encrusted traditionalists among us, I love it. It visually embodies a lot of the spirit of experimentation and excitement I'd love to see in more print mags, and watching sometimes makes me wish I'd been a TV/broadcast guy rather than a boring old writer.

Congratulations to Joe and Hook Shots. Here's a link to the Webby Awards trailer and here's a link to vote for the People's Voice awards. Vote early and vote often... 

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