Friday, March 26, 2010

Cedar Waxwings Redux

Cedar waxwings are a common bird in my area but they are uncommonly beautiful creatures, and one of my favorite birds to both observe and photograph.

Holly over at Norcal Cazadora recently experienced the joys of a flock of cedar waxwings in her back yard, and in honor of that I thought I'd post a little gallery of the cedar waxwing doing what it does best: eating.

And while both the cedar waxwing's eating and the unfortunate yet inevitable aftermath of that ravenous appetite is the topic of Holly's post, I am sad to say that while I have many pictures of the former, I haven't a single frame of the latter. And I don't plan to, either...

The pics are low-res and therefore perhaps a bit fuzzy, and I didn't have time to add copyrights and watermarks for the benefit of image thieves, so if you are an image thief, no, you can't have a hi-res copy and all pictures on the blog (unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2010 by Chad Love, etc. etc. ad nauseum...